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• Together We Won the War – Exhibition

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2nd Floor, Phoenix Yard,
5-9 Upper Brown Street,
Leicester, LE1 5TE

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We also provide volunteering opportunities where individuals can, to the benefit of all parties, join with the staff of the TREC in the pursuit of their mission in Leicester & Leicestershire

The Race Equality Centre in Leicester & Leicestershire
Address: 2nd Floor, Phoenix Yard,
5-9 Upper Brown Street,
Leicester, LE1 5TE
Tel: 0116 2042790
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TREC Exhibition Open until 20th April 2015

Together We Won the War[Click here for full review and photos]


Together We Won the War – Exhibition

Contributions of Asia, Africa and Caribbean to World War 1 remembered.


Opening Times: 1pm - 4pm Tuesday to Thursday and Saturday


Location: TREC Exhibition Suite, Ground floor, Mizzen & Jubilee Buildings, Phoenix Yard, 5-9 Upper Brown Street, Leicester. LE1 5TE.


The Race Equality Centre has launched an exhibition to highlight the contribution of Britain’s Racial Minority Communities in World War 1 to mark the Centenary of the First World War.


Asian, African and Caribbean troops all played a significant part in supporting the war effort. The exhibition showcases how individuals from across the world were recruited into the British armed forces, the different roles they played in the war, including the battles that were predominantly fought using soldiers from Africa, Asia and the Caribbean and, some of the heroes amongst them. The preservation of this heritage is important to make future generations aware of the significant roles played by their forefathers in World War 1.


For further information, please contact: Kamljit Obhi

Project Manager at the Race Equality Centre

Tel: 0116 2042792.



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Welcome to The Race Equality Centre in Leicester & Leicestershire


Welcome to Leicester & Leicestershire Race Equality Centre


Our mission is:

"to actively promote and seek to implement a racially just, fair and equitable society which will enhance the quality of life for all citizens of Leicester & Leicestershire"


The Race Equality Centre in Leicester and Leicestershire (TREC) - is a voluntary organisation that was established under the name of the Leicester Racial Equality Council in 1991. We exist to challenge discrimination as defined by the Equality Act 2010 and further strengthened by the Human Rights Act 1998.




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We have moved! Please note our new address.

2nd Floor, Phoenix Yard, 5-9 Upper Brown Street, Leicester, LE1 5TE


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